Instead of the traditional curriculum design, we research what Christians at both leadership and non-leadership levels need to know and be able to do.

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By participating in evaluative processes, we  continuously work toward improving our quality and increasing our effectiveness, in order to reach excellence in every standard.

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About TIBU

Trinity International Bible University began with a singular purpose – ministry preparation. Since 2001, it’s been our vision and mission to educate Christian leaders.

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Dear Friends,

Your decision to review this website reveals that God has stirred something inside you. Are you serious about Christ’s statement that He would build His church? Do you want to be more effective in your labours? Do you have a teachable spirit? If so, you have in your hands the first of many tools. Trinity International Bible University will provide to guide you toward fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. 

We train followers of Christ to be the most effective servants they can be. You may be a layperson desiring a deeper understanding of your Saviour or you feel compelled by God to enter vocational ministry. Perhaps you are already immersed in the pastorate. Trinity International Bible University is able to prepare you for whatever ministry God has called you to. 

This website will acquaint you with our philosophy of ministry, our beliefs, core values and programs of study. My prayer is that you will discover the passion of your heart being encouraged in these pages. Seek guidance from God regarding your intent to study at Trinity International Bible University. I am available to meet with you personally to discuss your goals, the university, and any of the courses we offer. 

We look forward to partnering with you in preparing you for ministry.

In Christ’s grace

Our courses


The course is intended to further the education of adults in relation to Christian faith and life. Its aim is to stimulate the interest of alert and enquiring minds. What is required is not so much academic scholarship as an understanding of Christian theology and its implication for contemporary life.

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The aim is to guide students in a systematic manner to the acquisition of the body of coherent knowledge that is the classical discipline of theology as a means of preparing men and women for the responsibility of communicating Christian knowledge as leaders in the church, and if students so choose, to the acquisition of skills appropriate to ministry in one or more areas of pastoral practice.

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Biblical Counselling

The Biblical Counselling Course is designed to prepare students for a Ministry of Biblical Counselling to individuals, couples, and families in a congregational, denominational agency, counselling centre, or missions setting.

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