Registration Process

When adequate information has been provided to the prospective student to make an informed decision, a more comprehensive registration form will be provided to the student in order to register formally. A reference number will be send with the Banking details to be used for the payment of the registration fee.   

Where and when do I register?

Students may register any time except during December. Students can register by post, or online by submitting the completed registration form.

How do I pay my study fee?

Fee payments can be made by cash bank deposits, electronic bank transfer, postal order. (Note: no cheques will be accepted.)

How will I receive my study material?

All study material will be sent to students by post. No study material will be handed out to students.

When will I receive my study material?

Study material will be dispatched within 7 days of a finalized registration. (Note: a registration can only be finalized after payment of the registration fees.)



An applicant may be granted admission to a learning programme in any of the TIBU Faculties on one of the following conditions:

  • The applicant is in possession of a  valid tertiary education entrance qualification.
  • The applicant is in possession of any other certificate deemed equivalent and which the TIBU Senate has approved.
  • The applicant complies with the programme prerequisites.
  • One year successful post-matriculation education at a registered institution.
  • To be 40 years of age or older and provide evidence of adequate literacy and life experience.
  • To have completed a two-year Certificate or Diploma course.

To register for any Masters programme prospective students require a four-year degree (or equivalent) in any appropriate field.


When you are ready to apply, Contact us for Registration forms at:

Please complete the section headed "Recognition of Prior Learning" if you wish us to consider granting credits for previous study and experience.

Terms and Conditions of Enrolment 

  1. If the easy payment plan is utilized, the full deposit must accompany the registration form.
  2. If the cash payment plan is used the full amount as stipulated must accompany the registration form. 
  3. No material will be supplied without proof of payment. 
  4. Modules shall be supplied to the student in parts as tests are submitted and payment being made to TIBU. 
  5. The Post Office acts as agent for the student for the acceptance and conveyance of all study material or    correspondence addressed to the student or TIBU.  
  6. Postage on everything sent to TIBU is payable by the student. 
  7. The replacement of study materials shall be for the account of the student. 
  8. Study material supplied to students may not be passed on or access given to anyone other than the registered student.
  9. The student shall be liable for all costs, collection charges and any other disbursements incurred by TIBU in recovering moneys owed.  
  10. Certificates/Diplomas/Degree will only be issued once the student’s account has been settled in full.
  11. TIBU reserves the right to make an appropriate charge if the examination syllabus is changed involving the supply of additional study material or the correction of extra tests or the issuing of qualifications.
  12. TIBU reserves the right to alter or change the curriculum to uphold the required standards.
  13. TIBU does not accept responsibility for a student’s eligibility for registration on any board, joining of any organization or entry for public examination. 
  14. TIBU guarantees to provide tuition for a period up to 18 months for certificate, diploma and degree’s and 24 months for post-graduate degrees from the date of registration.
  15. If fees are not paid on the due date and the account falls into arrears of three months or more, the whole amount shall become due and payable immediately and TIBU shall be entitled to charge interest in respect of amounts unpaid on the date at 1% above the prime rate charged by its bankers.
  16. I undertake to submit myself to the rules and regulations of TIBU.
  17. I understand that upon the successful completion of my studies my degree will be issued by Trinity International Bible University internationally recognized and accredited with Dunamis Degree Accreditation Association (DDAA).
  18. Upon completion the Graduation fee of $185 (US) must be paid prior to graduation. (Only applicable for degrees) 

Deferral and Withdrawal Policy

Deferral Policy   

  • For the purpose of this policy, "deferral" refers to the postponement of study in the Courses in which a student has already enrolled.     
  • Within this policy, fees are NOT REFUNDED but may be credited for future training. All deferral notifications must be sent IN WRITING to TIBU.   
  • Maximum period of deferral is 3 Months for Courses - if a student has not resumed contact with the Institution within this period, the credit will automatically be withdrawn.   
  • After 3 Months of the Course - no fees will be credited and students must pay the full fee to retake the Course.  

Withdrawal Policy   

  • "Withdrawal" means the termination of a student’s enrolment.   
  • Fees will be refunded at the rate of 80% for Courses not commenced if written notification is received 14 working days from the enrolment date on the registration form and all material is received in good condition by TIBU.    
  • There will be no refund of fees if notification of withdrawal from the Course(s) and if all study material is not received in good condition by TIBU after 14 working days from the enrolment date on the registration form.

Financial Failure Obligations

Failing to fulffil financial obligations, TIBU: 

  • Retains the right to cancel all studies and practical’s 
  • Refuse any further registration for continuing of studies when remedies have been made. 
  • Refuse admission to any exam. 
  • Refuse a certificate of conduct for studies at another tertiary organization.
  • Withhold Certificates. 
  • Withhold all results. 

Institute legal proceedings against the person responsible for the account, who will be liable for all costs incurred in the recovery of any outstanding debt.