Our Philosophy on Accreditation

We believe that the Church is the God-ordained institution for educating its members. Though educational institutions have replaced this function of the Church for some time now,  we seek to adhere to the biblical principle of Church-centred education. Because of this Trinity International Bible University does not view itself as a separate institution from the local church, but rather as a resource for the local church to use in equipping the saints for the work in ministry (Eph 4:11-12). Trinity International Bible University does not desire to supplant, but to work alongside local church leadership by providing curriculum and educational support for equipping their people. Our design is to keep local church leadership involved in the training process of the student. While we might be able to provide a high level education, we cannot provide the avenues for servant hood that come from being involved in the local church covenant community. Working closely with the student’s local church also acts to keep the responsibility of confirming an individual’s call to ministry squarely on the shoulders of the church, where it belongs.

As private institution of higher learning based in Africa, Trinity International Bible University has achieved international accreditation from Dunamis Degree Accreditation Association (DDAA) and CCLP Worldwide Education Charter and the International Board of Quality Standards (BQS) meeting the Standards for Accreditation and complying with its internationally accepted policies. 

By participating in evaluative processes, we at Trinity International Bible University continuously work toward improving our quality and increasing our effectiveness, in order to reach excellence in every standard.

Affiliation and Cooperation with New World Mission Dunamis International University (NWMDIU), International Theological Seminary of California (USA), Learning Through Cooperation (England, Scotland and Whales), New World Mission Dunamis Church. 

A partership agreement was signed with Emmanuel Christian University International (ECUI) who form part of Emmanuel Christian Centre International (ECCI), Emmanuel Christian Centre International is a member Grace International (GI) of which operates in 90 countries as a non-denominational Christian Institutions. Grace International (GI) is also a partner of The King University (TKU) accredited by the US and Canadian Governments. This means that TIBU are also a members of the GI Community and all affiliations, partnerships and accreditions of ECCI and ECUI.

We adopted UNESCO standards 2007 and Degree Authentication following the Hague Legalization Convention Country Method.

Accreditation provides assurance that the quality of our programmes is of the highest standard. Programmes are therefore nationally and internationally comparable and the credits earned with us are truly "portable". i.e., they can be transferred to other accredited, registered institutions.